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Grand Jeté

Feature / 105min / Digital / 2021

For many years, Nadja was a famous ballet dancer. From childhood, she mercilessly trained her body. In the meantime, it has become more and more an obstacle in life and a source of constant pain. How to live after years of self-abandonment? Her work as a ballet teacher cannot fill this void.
In search of a new orientation in life, Nadja returns to her place of origin, to Hanne, her mother. There she meets Mario, her son. Nadja had him as a teenager and after giving birth she let him grow up with her mother in order to devote herself entirely to ballet. The two who have hardly ever met, encounter as strangers - and feel physically attracted to each other from the first moment. Mario, too, is intensively occupied with his body, trains it, explores its limits with a lack of concern and freedom that is unknown to Nadja and attracts her all the more. Gradually, the two develop an intense, passionate relationship beyond moral conventions. Their physical encounters become more and more a struggle to define one’s own self and a recognition in the other.

Director: Isabelle Stever

Cinematography: Constantin Campean

Producer:  Mohammad Farokhmanesh

Editors: Paul Gröbel / Jil Lange

Music: Thomas Mehlhorn

Sounddesign: Christian Obermaier

Script: Anna Melikova 


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