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Featurefilm  I  80 Min  I  Digital  I  2022

A cab stops in a quiet island panorama.
A young woman gets out, the cab driver speeds away. She notices that the streets are deserted. Not a soul, not a sound. The cityscape seems lifeless, the stores are mute. Her walking steps echoe between the empty hotels and houses. Her calls remain unanswered, only a few distant birds answer - until a hand touches her shoulder.
A young man stands in front of her, with an innocent look and a knife in his hand. He just wants money, nothing else.
A mysterious secret surrounds him, just like the island. And like the island, he gives no explanation.

Director: Roman Toulany

Cinematography: Constantin Campean

Producer: Campean & Toulany

Music: Lukas May-Floor

Sounddesign: Jonas lechenmayr

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